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Meeting Demands for Training & Therapy
For nearly 40 years, OPTP (Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products) has been delivering innovative and dependable
tools to meet customer demands. The company specializes in versatile products that allow trainers, therapists, athletes, patients, and fitness enthusiasts to easily incorporate them into existing exercise routines.
Whether the focus is elite training, functional fitness, pre-hab, or therapy, OPTP’s diverse product selection can help improve:
• Strength • Core stability • Balance • Flexibility • Range of motion
It combines the best of all balance boards in one design; the wooden base and adjustable dome make it durable and easy to use.
Additional features include:
• Rubber contact to floor for anti-slip security
• Grip surface for stable footing • Base diameter 15 1/3” • Supports up to 440 pounds
OPTP also has a variety of new massage products to help release trigger points, soothe sore muscles, and promote recovery. All of these are in addition to signature items like the Stretch Out StrapTM and foam rollers.
Professional Catalog Volume 38
OPTP’s new professional catalog includes over 25 new products and books, many of which are exclusive. To order your free copy, visit them online at
contact: | 800-367-7393
Product Innovation
The Wobblesmart® balance board offers six adjustable challenge levels that can be changed with a quick twist.
New & Exclusive For 2018
The Resistance Band Wall Anchor by Bob and Brad features three clips that attach to the wall at multiple heights, allowing for hundreds of exercises and variations.
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Strength Training Trends
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