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Maximize Athlete Potential with this Game-Changing Recovery System
NormaTec’s patented compression massage helps athletes improve their potential by helping them recover faster, rejuvenate
sore muscles, and boost circulation. A focus on athlete recovery has increasingly been attributed to competitive success and ability to perform, and active recovery techniques are a now a pillar of intensive training plans.
Ninety-seven percent of professional teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB currently rely on NormaTec’s technology, and Olympic and elite athletes, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and chiropractors also utilize NormaTec.
Recovery rooms dedicated to helping athletes recover after training and competitions are now prevalent in pro sport training facilities, as well as elite institutions. NormaTec is the ultimate in athlete recovery, and Recovery Rooms Powered by NormaTec have been implemented in prestigious training programs across the globe, including those of the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Boston Red Sox, IMG Academy, and the University of Alabama.
“The NormaTec Recovery Zone is one of the best investments we have made here at Alabama,” says Jeff Allen, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine for the University of Alabama football program. “I feel like you can really define recovery as the ability to maintain your performance each day and each game, and that’s a huge challenge. And we’ve had a lot of success with NormaTec.”
NormaTec recently introduced the 2018 PULSE Series. Updates include improved battery function, enhanced durability, even quieter operation, and an extended warranty. The 2018 NormaTec PULSE Series is ideal for both training rooms, and recovery on-the-go, with a device weight of only 3.6 lbs, world voltage capable power, and a compact, portable design.
The NormaTec PULSE Series provides an advanced dynamic compression massage that is proven to reduce pain and soreness, clear lactate, and rejuvenate muscles for rapid recovery. From football to endurance running, UFC fighting to basketball, baseball, hockey, and beyond, NormaTec’s sophisticated recovery technology is helping athletes to recover quickly and comprehensively, and changing the landscape of today’s top training plans.
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New for 2018
NormaTec has updated their world-class recovery technology with the launch of the 2018 PULSE.
Did You Know?
NormaTec technology is used by 97 percent of major North American professional sports teams to help their athletes recover faster.
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