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TPurpose Built PrivacyTM
he moments immediately following an injury are critical in terms of getting an accurate evaluation and diagnosis.
Those moments are made much more difficult and tense when spectators, fans, and other athletes are all watching. This situation not only infringes on the privacy of the injured athlete, but also makes an already difficult job even harder for the athletic trainers and medical personnel on the scene. Now, thanks to SidelinER® by Kinematic Sports, LLC, there is a simple and affordable solution.
SidelinER® is a portable, collapsible sideline medical tent that provides privacy from peering fans and cameras. This revolutionary new tool for sideline injury care is used by high school, college, and professional teams across the United States. SidelinER® can
fit any sideline, including football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and gymnastics. It can also be utilized at outdoor events like golf and triathlons.
When in use, SidelinER® is seven feet tall, fourteen feet long, and six and a half feet wide, comfortably fitting a standard treatment table or cart and six to seven people. During the game, it lies flat on the ground around
New for 2018: SidelinER® Mini This portable and collapsible patient exam room is designed specifically to meet the needs of high schools and other athletic programs with limited sideline space.
the table or cart and does not block spectator views. If an injury occurs, SidelinER® can easily be raised in less than 5 seconds and then lowered just as quickly after the athlete has been evaluated. It is also easy to transport, as it weighs less than 75 pounds and folds up.
Along with being portable, collapsible, and easy to set up, SidelinER® can also serve as a marketing tool. “It can be a revenue generator because any logo or advertisement can be put on the side of it, so it can be almost like a sideline billboard,” says Jeff Allen, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at the University of Alabama. “There are the clear medical and privacy benefits, but there’s also some value in it from a marketing and advertising standpoint.”
For more info on SidelinER®, visit
or call Kinematic Sports at 205-722-5173
Did You Know?
SidelinER® is the only sideline medical tent in use by the NFL and is used by every team that has won the CFP National Championship.
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