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IUltimate Custom Treatment Solution
n early 2017, LightForce elevated laser technology to the next level with the introduction of its new “i-Series” of
products. Featuring proprietary influence® Technology, the i-Series of therapeutic lasers harnesses a combination of software and hardware advances, designed to accelerate the resolution of a wide-range of clinical conditions.
Optimized for outcome improvement, influence® Technology provides custom treatment options while ensuring consistent results. Calculating optimal dosages
based on individual patient and condition characteristics, this unique technology provides the ultimate custom treatment solution. The intuitive built-in protocols facilitate optimal dose delivery for numerous common conditions, while the Perfect ProtocolTM feature allows for added dosing precision when further customization is required. Complete with an Instant Replay feature that allows users to save these custom protocols for quick access and repeatability, influence Technology makes it easy to achieve consistently positive outcomes.
The integrated Empower Delivery SystemTM, featuring five application-specific treatment attachments (including the patented massage ball applicator), affords the versatility to apply treatments in both contact and non- contact methods to complement custom dose
The newest innovation from LightForce The new FXi Therapy Laser, which is designed for clinical maneuverability and features optional battery operation and a range of 0.5 W to 15 W, provides a potent mobile treatment delivery solution
delivery. The ability to treat on-contact enables greater consistency in outcomes though minimization of energy loss and superior penetration to deeper structures.
The i-Series includes both the EXPi and the FXi deep tissue therapy laser platforms, each with comprehensive training resources. The new EXPi Therapy Laser is the high-power industry standard (0.5 W to 25 W), allowing clinicians to deliver treatments quickly and efficiently. The new FXi Therapy Laser is designed for clinical maneuverability, featuring optional battery operation and a range of 0.5 W to
15 W, producing a potent mobile treatment delivery solution.
LightForce® Therapy Lasers is a leading therapeutic laser manufacturer offering advanced rehabilitation solutions to healthcare providers. With unparalleled customer service and an ongoing investment in research, LightForce is committed to providing its customers with superior products designed to improve outcomes in sports medicine.
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