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Injury Prevention & Treatment
Four keys to choosing the
right plunge pool
Champions are made on and off the field. Success can be directly related to how fast ath- letes rehabilitate from injury or recover after practice. These four plunge pool features will give you an edge over your competition.
1. Superior Temperature Control:
Plunge pools with highly dependable heating or cool- ing systems maintain optimum water temperatures. SwimEx fiberglass plunge pools come equipped with superior heating or chilling systems. They have a wood core for superior temperature retention that helps save money.
2. Maintenance
There’s nothing worse than hard-to-clean plunge pools that don’t drain completely and require on-going main- tenance. Bottoms drains are standard on all SwimEx plunge pools. They typically require draining once a year to clean interior walls, and the Gelcoat interior finish easily wipes clean, saving you time.
3. Interior Design Flexibility
SwimEx interior layouts are designed to meet specific treatment needs. Change the stairs, water depth, jets, and benches. Modifications can also be made to sat- isfy varying health codes. They come in four standard sizes: small (4-6 users), medium (6-8 users), large (8-10 users), or XL (10-12 users).
Do you have a pre-existing facility with tight access? SwimEx pools can be built in sections and assembled on-site.
4. Customization
No two teams have the same recovery and rehabilita- tion goals. SwimEx will help you design a custom plunge. Vary the depth, length, and interior layout. Order one up to 46’ long or 7’ deep.
SwimEx plunge pools will save you time and money. They can make the difference between losing a game and winning one. Learn more at
Make your custom athletic training room dreams a reality
The Athletic Edge puts the utmost care into every piece of equipment that is shipped out their doors. Each product is uniquely designed using a variety of processes and materials to support the customers’ end vision. The company goes above and beyond to create a lasting impression with its products for the customer.
By focusing on industry trends, they ensure their extensive product line is industry-leading and capable of grow- ing. From lines of treatment cabinets and ergonomically designed electric treatment tables, to the “Excellence in Innovation” gold medal-winning SmartCart, they continue to bring innovation to the table. Let The Athletic Edge help make your facility and training dreams a reality. Learn more at
Cool athletes during activity
Despite increased awareness of exertional heat illness (EHI) and dramatic changes in the way athletes train, dangerous cases of EHI persist. Kryofit Sport, a startup that soft launched in the fall of 2016, is looking to help reduce the danger.
By combining clinical data to support per-cooling (cooling during exercise) for athletes, proven cooling techniques, and high performance com- pression sleeves, founder Alan Brockway is striving to directly cool athletes before EHI occurs. Kryofit Sport’s Targeted Thermal Support (TTS) sleeves utilize custom sized cold inserts that target the athletes’ pulse points, a proven method to assist in warming or cooling. “The bot- tom line is, until now, cooling during athletic performance wasn’t a feasible option,” Brockway says.
2018 promises to continue to pound the country with crushing temperatures. For the first time, there’s an oppor- tunity for athletes to proactively beat the heat and help reduce dangerous EHI. Learn more at
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