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Organized Your Recovery PGear and Modalities
ROTEAM by Hausmann, a member of the Dynatronics family of companies, has been meeting the needs of athletic
trainers for over 20 years by manufacturing products that assist in the care of athletes at all levels of competition. By staying on top of the latest trends in athletic training care, the company has been able to introduce new products to meet those trends and allow athletic trainers to perform their duties more efficiently. From modular taping stations and an extensive offering of treatment tables
to storage solutions, cabinetry, and carts, PROTEAM has been meeting the needs of athletic trainers.
In 2018, Hausmann and PROTEAM will be introducing several new products to enhance its line of athletic training room furnishings. The first of these products is the new Torque Therapy Table featuring positionable vertical bolsters to aid athletic trainers in stretching, muscle isolation, joint distraction, manual spinal manipulation, and orthopedic testing. This patent-pending table design will allow athletic trainers to do more advanced one-on- one therapy with their patients.
Recovery has become one of the latest trends in athletic training. On that front, PROTEAM is introducing the mobile Recovery Cart and stationary Recovery Cabinet. Both of these products are designed for the management of recovery modalities and garments in a more organized manner. Each will be available in two different size configurations to better accommodate space restrictions in the athletic training or recovery room.
Did You Know?
There are more than 5,000 PROTEAM installations in use today.
PROTEAM has always been a leader in the athletic training market through the introduction of new products and services. Whether it is their PROTEAM MagicPlan Design App for athletic training room planning and design, their multitude of branding options including emboss and deboss logos, or their Pro-Options Table which allows athletic trainers to create a table to meet their specific needs, PROTEAM has always been there meeting the needs of athletic trainers.
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New for 2018:
PROTEAM introduces the mobile Recovery Cart and stationary Recovery Cabinet. Both are designed to bring more organization when storing recovery modalities and garments.
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