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Injury Prevention & Treatment Trends
First response for injured ath- letes without harming playing field surfaces
Based on KIMTEK Corporation’s recent sales figures, schools and	universities nationwide are select- ing the company’s MEDLITE® Transport skid units for on-field medical transport at a growing rate. Provid- ing athletic departments and school boards with an affordable, professional patient transport solution at football, soccer, and track and field events, KIMTEK’s MEDLITE transport system features a modular UTV side-by-side medical unit effective for first response at sports fields in elementary schools, high schools, and university stadiums of all sizes.
EMTs and athletic directors prefer the smaller, lighter UTV side-by-side unit for its ability to reach an injured player on the field with proper equipment and its capac- ity to quickly, efficiently transport a patient off the field to a waiting ambulance. Unlike a large ambulance, the compact MEDLITE system reaches a patient without harming natural grass or artificial turf, permitting sports play to resume and protecting school property.
Available in 2018 are four models and price ranges to fit even limited school budgets, the MEDLITE units are universal by design, installing easily into most UTV side-by-side vehicles already owned by school systems or readily available for purchase locally. The MEDLITE Transport models MTB-101, MTS-102 and MTD- 103 carry a long board and stokes basket, and model MTSTR-104 also carries an ambulance style wheeled cot stretcher. The MTS-102 and MTD-103 models offer enclosed storage.
Originally developed for ambulance and rescue squads, fire departments, and U.S. Military, the MEDLITE Transport series are the best-selling off-road rescue units in the world with over 4300 units in service. KIMTEK personnel have vast experience integrating MEDLITE Transport units into any school’s athletic program to protect both players and property. More information is available at
Reduce pain & improve recov- ery with wearable-active ultra- sound
The best ability an athlete can have, the saying goes, is availability. All the athletic talent in the world means little use if an ath- lete is injured and unable to play. So athletic trainers are always looking for ways to help their ath- letes return to full health as quickly as possible.
sam® Sport is the only FDA-cleared wearable-active ultrasound providing multi-hour treatment to acceler- ate healing of musculoskeletal injuries (muscles, ten- dons, ligaments) and bone growth for stress-fractures, fractures, and contusions. sam® Sport clinical testing and multiple peer-reviewed medical publications have shown the primary mechanisms of actions to accelerate the healing cascade and reduce pain included acceler- ated collagen lay-down, increased oxygenated hemo- globin in the muscles, accelerated lactic acid reduction, accelerated capillary development, and increased multi- hour blood-flow. Most injuries and chronic pain treated with sam® Sport have shown benefits or improvements in one to four weeks; depending on the extent of the injury. sam® Sport is also being used by athletes to warm-up musculoskeletal areas prior to practice or a game and/or used for recovery after a practice or game; benefiting from the increased oxygenated hemoglobin in the muscles, accelerated blood-flow, and increased lactic acid reduction. Plus, its small size makes sam® Sport ideal for treating athletes on the road
sam® Sport is covered under insurance for any injured college athletes or professional athletes in the NFL, NBA/G-League, MLB/MiLB, NHL/AHL/ECHL, MLS, WNBA and NWSL. For the general population, sam® Sport is covered under insurance for Worker’s Comp and No Fault/Personal Injury patients to accelerate recovery and reduce or eliminate the use of prescrip- tion opioid-pain medication for their chronic pain. For copies of the peer-reviewed medical publications or additional product information, visit
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