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Hydration solutions don’t have Wto be heavy and cumbersome
hen your athletes are out in the heat, they need to stay hydrated to stay focused and healthy. The folks tasked
with keeping them hydrated don’t need the added worry of back injury from lifting and carrying heavy coolers of water and ice.
From cooler-mounted Gravity Manifolds to spigot-pressurized chiller systems to self- contained, 55-gallon, pump-pressurized systems with eight drinking and four bottle- filling nozzles, Waterboy Sports has a system for any budget that will rehydrate your teams without taxing your staff.
The company’s flagship model, The ULTIMATE Horizontal Power Model is improved for 2018. Based on the proven Gen2 Horizontal Power Model, the ULTIMATE HPM includes a four-port Filling Station module, 24 Through-the-LidTM drinking bottles, a customized Tank Coozie,
a work shelf, and the new Ice Chute. The ULTIMATE HPM combines the sideline re- hydration Waterboy Sports has always been known for with Through-the-Lid bottle-filling technology to provide a quick (eight seconds per bottle) and more hygienic way to refill water bottles for on-field hydration needs. The Filling Station upgrade is also available for Gen2 Horizontal Chillers as well.
Designed for durability and dependability Waterboy Sports’ systems feature: • Custom-formed plate-aluminum wagons and
dolly plates for strength. • Flat-free wheels on all mobile units. • Schedule80 (residential grade) PVC water
manifolds encased in custom-made aluminum sleeves to prevent water from contacting the sleeves while still protecting the PVC from sunlight and damage from impacts.
New for 2018:
The ULTIMATE Horizontal Power Model, which features a four-port filling station and the new Waterboy Sports ice chute.
• Power models feature an on-board Power Pac, with an EPA-compliant pump and rechargeable 12-volt battery. The entire Power Pac is removable, thereby allowing re-charging separate from the unit or for maintenance purposes.
• All system purchases now come with a two- year warranty, including the Power Pac Quick-Swap Warranty (excludes negligence and improper use).
• The Flexi-fountain portable drinking fountain is perfect for spectators. With 6 drinking bubblers, 2 of which are ADA-compliant, this light-weight drinking fountain connects to a potable water source for an endless supply of drinking water for your warm-weather events.
Did You Know?
Waterboy Sports is a family-owned company headquartered in Central Florida.
Waterboy Sports leads the Team Hydration Industry in innovation, durability and selection. They have over 20 years’ experience bringing the best hydration systems to market. Waterboy Sports systems support teams in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.
For more info on Waterboy Sports, LLC visit;or call 888-442-6269
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