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Injury Prevention & Treatment Trends
Since 1978, Foot Management has manufactured cus- tom made foot orthotics. The TenderfootTM, Ortho- ArchTM and new Performance Graphite orthotics are unmatched in comfort and fit, and are the perfect choice for athletes. Learn more at
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School Health Cor- poration is a lead- ing national provider of sports medicine supplies, services and solutions, aiding professionals in edu- cational settings. As a result of the com- pany’s commitment to supporting athletic trainers and coaches, School Health Corporation is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Palos Sports, a leading distributor of physical education supplies to school districts. The company can now offer fitness equipment and func- tional rehab equipment, expanding its blueprint to serve fitness customers.
As the evolution of performance and recovery contin- ues, School Health Corporation is excited to showcase some notable therapeutic modalities:
• The Richmar Winner EVO Combination Package provides athletic trainers with the ability to treat athletes with multiple therapies in a single medical device.
• Game Ready combines four therapies in one recov- ery system, helping athletes relieve pain, reduce swelling, and stimulate natural tissue healing.
• NormaTec Recovery System is a dynamic compres- sion device that simulates active recovery using patented Pulse Massage Technology.
As coaches and athletic trainers, you are constantly learning how to prepare athletes for peak performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and help them recover quickly. School Health Corporation is pleased to be your resource for new and innovative tools, but also for the tried-and-true products you rely on. The company provides these solutions so you can support your ath- letes and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.
The company continually strives to enhance its cus- tomer experience and would love to hear from you. Send any comments to
Help athletes safely return to play after a concus- sion
A decreased ability to maintain balance is one of the hallmark signs of concus- sion. Biodex Balance Assessment is used for concussion management
by high schools, college, and pro- fessional sports teams to unravel the mystery of concussion and to bring together best practices combining cog- nitive testing and a graded symptoms checklist in combination with bal- ance assessment.
Biodex Balance Assessment is conducted using either the versatile Bal- ance System SD or portable BioSway. These sophis- ticated measuring and training devices provide a performance baseline against which post-injury per- formance can be compared.
In addition to performing the CTSIB test, the new ver- sion of the Balance System SD and BioSway software now includes the option of conducting a modified ver- sion of a Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test of postural stability, popular for concussion management. Both systems now feature the ability to create custom sensory integration balance testing that allows for modification of existing or the creation of entirely new protocols with both the CTSIB and BESS tests.
Biodex has made its balance technology even more user-friendly with the latest enhancements. Its new software and 15.6-inch touch-screen display provides intuitive navigation and an improved user experience. The new Microsoft SQL Database allows clinicians to easily store and retrieve patient data. And with new normative data, healthy populations are stored allow- ing for comparison of student-athlete results. For more information on Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management, visit cussion.
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