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Injury Prevention & Treatment Trends
tions have been improved for 2018, and now include options such as water filters, run-dry pump timers, and insulated covers. The frames and pump boxes are re- designed for ergonomics, durability, and ease of repair.
New for 2018 is the world’s first innovation in portable drinking fountains in 25 years. The Del Sol line of products is available with a completely self-contained internal solar charging system. No longer does a hydration system need to be externally charged every night. The Del Sol contains a lithium ion battery (with a life expectancy of seven years) that is charged by the sun. Just take the machine out-
variety of smooth floor surfaces including laminate, tile, and hardwood. The advanced microfiber self-attaches to Velcro strips on the bottom of the mop head. The Premira II Disposable Microfiber Pad can be used for dry sweeping or wet mopping, eliminating the need to purchase additional mops for each specific task.
Enhance your cleaning performance with a fresh, new pad for each cleaning application and preserve and extend the life of your floors with non-scratch Premira that effortlessly picks up and traps dust and particles. Ideal for quick, efficient cleaning of gymnasiums, stu-
side, and let the solar panel charge and maintain the battery while it is in use. The solar panel is so effi- cient, it even charges on cloudy days.
Also, new for 2018 is the Coil Cool MAX cart. Now a towable aluminum wagon with no-flat tires. The Coil Cool MAX is a dual manifold hori- zontal garden hose powered drinking water chiller that keeps the cooling manifolds under ice at all times. There are no external frames to break, or re- heat water. See more at
Save time when
cleaning floors
The	new	commercial-grade Premira® Large Floor Mop from Athletix ProductsTM saves time by covering a greater area at one time with uniform pressure. Constructed of lightweight,
yet heavy-duty aluminum, this	48-inch mop features a flexible, pivoting
head that allows for maximum maneuverability, even for hard to reach areas like under gym equipment, locker room benches, and gymnasium bleach- ers. The ergonomically-friendly tele- scoping handle is retractable, increasing functionality and comfort for the user.
When used with premium-quality Premira® II Disposable Microfiber Pads, the wide mop glides effortlessly across a
Manage Specific Sports Injuries and Determine Safe Return-To-Sport
FN: 18-007 1/18
Concussion Management Return to Sport (RTS) after ACL Surgery Hamstring Management
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