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Injury Prevention & Treatment Trends
assortment of athletic training kits, cases, and bags available to make sure they can easily find what they need in a moment’s notice.
Diversa Products Group continues to expand and improve its Bushwalker Bags line of athletic training bags and kits. In 2018 the company will make updates to the A25Si Skatewheel Deluxe Med Bag, A18 Large Med Fold-up, B14 Large Scissors & Tape Kit, and B10 Small Scissors & Tape Kit. They are also close to final- izing a big wheel option for their wheeled bags and a new design for a small scissors and gloves pouch.
The 2017 model year saw DPG make design refine- ments to the A35 AeroMed Brief, B28 Deluxe Shoulder Sling, B25 Deluxe Beltpack, and B22 Medium Beltpack. They also introduced the wheeled A25CO Carry-On Med Bag and E28 Wet Equip Mesh Bag (Shower Shoe Bag).
If you can’t find what you need from the Bushwalker Bags line, Diversa Products has the ability to modify or completely customize a bag solution for each client at their facilities in Arizona. In addition, the team at Diversa Products welcomes feedback and use com-
ments from its customers to refine their product line. Learn more at
Use the pain relief
the pros use
Flexall Pain Relieving Gels from Ari-Med Pharmaceuticals continue to be incorporated into the care of the world’s greatest athletes
in sports programs around the world. Flexall is used by ath- letes at all levels of competi- tion including major national and international sporting events, both professional and amateur.
Flexall (7% menthol) and Maximum Strength Flexall (16% menthol) are unique aloe vera gel formulas with natural oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme) and vita- min E. Maximum Strength Flexall Plus contains three active ingredients (16% menthol, 10% methyl salicy-
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