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Text Name/School and “TC1107” to 607-882-1273 for info
THE ULTIMATE IN TEAM HYDRATION! The Filling Station line of WATERBOY SPORTS Generation2 Horizontal Models combines “through the lid” filling technology with our 8 drinking nozzles. Can be added to existing Gen2 Systems.
23- and 55-gallon Power Models (shown with accessories)
HC-100-G2: Horizontal Chiller
HP-FS: Horizontal Power – Filling Station
Our wagon-mounted models feature all- aluminum wagons, residential-grade PVC sleeved manifolds and flat-free wheels
All of our hydration systems, from the Gravity-fed M-10, through the spigot-fed IL-4 and up to the HP-FS have our anti- microbial treated, patented Safety Spouts.
888.442.6269	|	407.869.9881 |
NOW is the time to plan for next season. Remember your hydration needs during Budget time.
IL-4: Inline Drinking Tree

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