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In the AT Room
By David Csillan
Getting an athlete with ADHD to focus in a busy athletic training room can be a challenge, but there are many practical steps athletic trainers can take to help.

By Maria Hutsick
When athletic trainers and school nurses work together, the level of care provided only improves. Getting to this point requires communication and mutual respect.

Treating the Athlete
A recently published study suggests that emotional response to injury can play a significant role in patients’ outcomes following ACL reconstruction.

Using a “walk and think” test to assess athletes’ recovery after a concussion may help prevent re-injury down the road.

By Jessica Bennett
Athletes eliminating junk food in favor of fruits and vegetables might sound great. But an obsession with clean eating has a name—orthorexia—and can have debilitating consequences.

Challenge of the Week
By Cari Wood
When new moms resume their athletic training duties, they sometimes have to find creative ways to pump breast milk. Here’s how one athletic trainer handled it when traveling with her team.

The head coach for girls' soccer at Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School in Fort Worth, Texas, requires all players to wear protective headgear, which he has found to cut down on concussions.

Yesterday, we honored our 2018 winner: Jim Berry from Conway (S.C.) High School. Here, he reflects on what this award means to him.

Back in December, Marion Shaw, Athletic Director at Conway (S.C.) High School, asked Head Athletic Trainer Jim Berry, EdD, ATC, SCAT, NREMT, for his...

As you peruse the booths on the AT Expo floor, there’s bound to be dozens of new products on display. To get a sense for what’s what, here’s a breakdown of some of the new offerings:

Athletic Edge by Pivotal Health Solutions, Booth 6082: The new Aluma Elite PRO



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