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Tools & Modalities
The University of Virginia used ingestible thermometers to monitor player temperatures in real time this summer—another tool in the fight against heat illness prevention.

A look at how tense neck muscles and head position prior to an impact can influence concussion risk.

Progressive Programs
Centennial (Minn.) High School recently held its first Female Athlete Symposium, an event intended to celebrate and educate its female athletes.

The Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers' Society recently completed a four-year-long concussion management and care education initiative, and the impact was felt throughout the state and beyond.

Strategic Planning
The clock is ticking for colleges and universities that offer undergraduate athletic training education programs. Here's how Nicholls State University and Ithaca College are adjusting.

Treating the Athlete
Repairing Achilles tears may become easier—and result in improved outcomes—with a new, less-invasive technique.

Challenge of the Week
Athletic trainers and coaches in several states are working to keep student-athletes safe as they face poor air quality from wildfires.

Do you know an athlete who may be taking healthy eating to the extreme? This self-test includes questions to help identify if they have gone too far and developed orthorexia.

New Ideas
To emphasize the importance of rest and mental health, the Peach Belt Conference is distributing sleep masks to all student-athletes at its member schools.

Treating the Athlete
When a football player at Texas A&M University suffered heat stroke last spring, the sports medicine staff quickly modeled the correct reaction, in contrast to the recent reported actions at the University of Maryland.


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