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By Emily Edison
High school athletes are often confused about how best to fuel their bodies. Sports dietitian Emily Edison breaks down how to balance carbs, protein, and fat and provides a sample meal plan.

Professional Development
By Nik Berger and Amy Bernard
If an ice hockey player went down with a serious injury, would you know how to best approach the situation? One Ohio health system recently held a workshop to make sure its athletic trainers would be prepared to respond.

On the Sidelines
At the University of Alabama, the sports medicine staff goes to great lengths to ensure the football players receive top-of-the-line care.

The impact of a concussion may last far longer than previously expected, with a recent study showing cognitive delays more than a year after injury.

By Larry Cooper
NATA Secondary School Athletic Trainers’ Committee Chair Larry Cooper says the best way to prove your value and maximize your care is to document, document, document. Here are his tips on how to do it.

New Roles
At Coe College, John Chandler started as Head Athletic Trainer and then switched to Athletic Director. Now, he's back in the sports medicine facility.

Optimum Performance
Thanks to a collaboration with the Towson Research Academy for Collaborative Sport Science, the Towson University athletic department is now able to put its athletes through comprehensive physiological and performance assessments.

By Susan Kundrat
In the high school ranks, football players are often looking to gain weight. Here’s a look at one athlete’s plan for boosting lean mass.

Treating the Athlete
Injuries sustained during a collegiate career may plague athletes for the rest of their lives. Experts are wondering if the risks are worth the rewards.

Upgrading Operations
This smartphone app helps athletic trainers, coaches, and other personnel respond more efficiently during sports-related emergencies. It even helped save the life of a Benton (Ark.) High School baseball player last spring.


Athletic Trainer Positions

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