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Optimum Performance
The Xavier University men’s basketball team is having a hugely successful season. One of the reasons may be its unique summer training regimen, which pushes players outside their comfort zones while offering careful recovery.

In his late teens, Todd Toriscelli had dropped out of college and was working in the steel mills in Steubenville, Ohio. Today he is Director of Sports Medicine for the Tennessee Titans.

Challenge of the Week
By Maria Hutsick
Broken ice machines, trash on the sidelines, and dirty coolers—Medfield (Mass.) High School Head Athletic Trainer Maria Hutsick delves into some of the daily bumps in the road for athletic trainers.

Injury Prevention
By Keith Doolan & Frederick Purnell
To maximize athlete performance and minimize injury, the sports medicine staff at Virginia Tech conducts detailed preseason medical screenings.

New Research
At Emory University, the athletics department has teamed with the department of mathematics and computer science to study the training of swimmers.

New Roles
Ever wonder what it takes to become a sports medical provider for U.S. Olympic athletes? Here's an inside look.

Injury Prevention
To help prevent injuries, athletes need balance and stability. Here are five stability and balance exercises that are worth incorporating into a training program.

New Roles
By Michael Gordon
In 2014, Michael Gordon, Head Athletic Trainer at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, had the opportunity to participate in a research project with his football team on concussions. Following that foray, he and his athletes are testing out a new device related to sports performance.

On the Sidelines
A behind-the-scenes look at the medical procedures employed by athletic trainers, physicians, and data technicians during an NFL football game.

Treating the Athlete
At the University of South Carolina, an athletic trainer and the coaching staff were crucial in helping to save the life of a student-athlete.


Athletic Trainer Positions

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