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Challenge of the Week
By Larry Cooper
When an athletic trainer is sidelined with an injury, it can be an inconvenient bump in the road. But it can also be a great opportunity for reflection and personal growth.

New research has found that plant-based diets can help improve tissue oxygenation and blood flow, as well as reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, thereby helping athletes recover.

Injury Prevention
With the goal of preventing injuries long-term, two sports medicine clinics in Cincinnati have teamed up to analyze data from 23 high schools.

Continuing Education
By Timothy Neal
How do you continue to grow as an athletic trainer? Timothy Neal offers his advice on staying motivated and passionate about learning.

Treating the Athlete
When an on-ice collision resulted in one ice hockey player's skate cutting the neck of another player, Canisius College Athletic Trainer Mike Ziemer, ATC, was prepared to handle the crisis.

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